Irish Pub & Music Venue in Lancaster PATake a Tour of Tellus360 - Irish Pub & Music Venue in Lancaster PA

Take a Tour of Tellus360

Tellus360  is an evolving concept focused on community involvement and providing a world-class venue for artistic expression and celebrations of all kinds. One of the most unique buildings and businesses in Lancaster. We love our building and the stories it has to tell, and we love showing it off. We are in the process of creating a series of videos to give you a taste of who we are and the stories within our walls.

If you or your group would like to take a tour of our facility in person, please email us with your request.



Download more information about events at Tellus360 here!

Throwback Tour

Tour of Tigh Mhary (The Pub) at Tellus360

Tour of Tiġ Ċaleb (the lounge) and Tellus3Whiskey