March 6, 2017 · 8:00pm

8 pm
Ticket: $12

 Allen, Mack, Myers and Moore LIVE

Allen, Mack, Myers, Moore: This is a project made up of 4 individuals who enjoy playing music together outside of their main projects (Shinedown, Ingram Hill, Brimstone Jones).

Zach Myers – Guitar – Banjo – Piano – Bass – Drums – Vocals

J.R. Moore – Guitar – Vocals – Percussion

Zack Mack – Guitar – Harmonica – Mandolin – Lapsteel – Banjo – Vocals

Chris Allen – Guitar – Piano – Vocals – Percussion

A review from a recent AMMM tour stop gives us about as accurate of a description as possible. “True to their word, the show went late into the night, as the audience was not willing to let them stop. They ended up playing for two and a half hours without even taking a break. They never left the stage nor did they do an encore. They stayed on that stage for 150 minutes and played their hearts out! ”

“There is no script, nor set list. And the shows are spontaneous, fun, and full of music and many laughs and stories.”

Small Town Titans and Frank Viele 3-6-17 at Tellus360

Small Town Titans – STT is a rock n’ roll band from the York, PA area that has quickly garnered the attention of their local scene. After touring for the majority of 2015, they have begun working with Round 2 Records Live. Their new album “Reflection” is available everywhere music is streamed and sold now.  Tonight’s performance is a rare acoustic show!


Frank Viele – Frank Viele is on tour behind his latest album 1Mic, 1 Guitar, 10,000 miles.  “Frank Viele sings with such urgency that it is as if his very soul hangs in the balance of every note. His ravaged, blue collar vocals convey a poignant desperation. But he’s not a victim, he’s a victor, an advocate for surviving, a champion to all who have sacrificed and struggled just to get by.” (

Making “New Music With An Old Soul”, Frank Viele may very well be the “everyman” of Singer/Songwriters.

A bourbon drinking, cartoon watching, blue-collar entrepreneur; his musical roots started on his grandmother’s piano as a young child, developed as a teen tailgating with an acoustic guitar in the parking lots of Dave Matthews Band concerts, and blossomed on the road as a young adult performing in the East Coast Jam and Singer/Songwriter scenes.

Since his 2015 full-length album release, Fall Your Way, Viele has found himself singing his heart out on stages and radio stations across the country supporting a range of acts as eclectic as his song catalog.