July 15, 2016 · 8:00pm

$5 cover

Working Breed

WB 2016


Working Breed is a scintillating quartet from Pittsburgh, writing eclectic art rock utilizing guitar, bass, drums, keys, synth, lush harmonies, trombone, trumpet, musical saw, and whatever else they get their hands on. Lead vocalist Erika June Christina Laing combines her multi-instrumental musical talents with guitarist Mike Dugan, bassist Jonah Petrelli, and drummer Sam Stein, coalescing to form unique songs that hop from spy music to brass-laden space jams to French acoustic reggae. There are no sounds off-bounds for this genre-bending group!



Leo & Cygnus



Born in the Anne Arundel Community College music room, Leo & Cygnus began in early October 2013. Originally called Daniel & The Lion (the lion being Alex Barnett), the rest of the members joined through the need of layers, variety, and influences. The name Leo & Cygnus translates from Latin, to mean “Lion & Swan.”

Beginning with the thoughts of Daniel Alvarez, Nicole Blickenstaff, and Alex Barnett, the music is given life through the combined efforts and views of Christopher Au and Kelsey Price. With everyone’s diverse musical tastes, we’ve reached a musical equilibrium with an all-original sound that congregates around indie-rock.