September 28, 2015 · 8:00pm

$10 at door/$8 advance

Witch Doctor – Bizarre Feats of Mental and Spiritual Energies



In this hour long parlor show Christopher Thisse explores the connection between people, and the various ways energy can be used to effect reality. Divination, psychokinesis, hypnosis and telepathy. Spend an evening on the other side.

Born in the middle of nowhere, Christopher has long been forced to use his imagination to explore his world. Moved around throughout his childhood, he developed the ability to read others in order to fit in quickly and avoid the embarrassment of being the ‘new kid’. Somewhere in his mid teens he noticed an uncanny ability to intuit what was going to happen in any given situation and also what people were thinking. He began to develop a system of intuitive reading and predicting that is, as far as he knows, completely unique in the world.

During his higher education career he developed skill with fire performance and object manipulation. After moving to Rhode Island he began performing with a local circus troupe, assisting in producing two summer programs, as well as individual shows and private performances. When he moved to Fresno, California he was introduced to close-up magic and dived into that skill set. After a few years of dedicated study he went on to write and produce a sell-out show titled Witchdoctor for the Fresno Rogue Show in 2014, and is currently a contractor for one of the largest magic companies in the world.

Desiring a deeper, more intellectually geared performance art Christopher has developed a style that is completely unique. Drawing from ancient traditions and modern science he uses little to no props, instead relying almost entirely on the abilities of his mind and body and the minds of his audience to create the incredible phenomena they will experience throughout the performance.

Audiences will experience psychokinetic sensations, mind reading, hypnotic phenomena, and discover abilities they never even realized they had.