July 16, 2014 · 5:00pm

no cover

It’s a special Wirelessless Wednesday. We’ve got DJ Salinger spinning the classic reggae and soul vinyl up on the roof from 5-9, and then Solomonic Sound System takes over in the pub.

Solomonic Sound System

solomonic 2

Since foundation and birth Solomonic conception as a reggae sound system was to promote positive music to counteract the negative that infiltrates the airwaves.

From humble beginnings, the narrow and rough road was chosen, and a champion sound was in the making.  Over 10 years later at full strength, SOLOMONIC SOUND SYSTEM has proven to be one of the tuffest roots and culture reggae sound systems in the world.

With local events in centered in Philly, Honolulu, Burlington, and Los Angeles, as well as constant worldwide touring, they bring the conscious vibes far and wide.

Not just a collective of djs, Solomonic also maintains the highest grade sound systems used at all of their events, and in demand at many other Philly area music events.

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