August 19, 2016 · 9:00pm



THE is a 4 piece Rock & Roll/Progressive/Punk/Americana group hailing from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Music by the people, for the people.
    • Brendan Quinn: Vocals/Guitar
    • Dustin Cain: Bass
    • James Benson: Guitar
    • Adam Mitchell: Drums


Spotted Atrocious


Spotted Atrocious started as one ferocious voice in a dimly lit dorm room, and grew into a five-piece band comprised of Ryan Warfield (vocals/guitar), Liam Tinney (lead guitar), Mark Mullen (keyboards/synth), Mitchell Way (bass) and Chris Hall (drums). Spotted is a militia with a unifying message; music is meant to express human ideas and emotions void of preconceptions. As a militia, Spotted Atrocious strive to break all cookie cutter images placed upon ourselves and our community as a whole. We won’t sell you your favorite brand of musical advertising because you don’t need it. After a year of relentless recording, the band is ready to hit the ground running with our new album, “Strike Up The Band”. This album is our honest effort of emotionally charged rock n’ roll that meets you at all levels. So if you’re fed up with the roller coaster ride known as the next big thing, make sure to pick up a copy of “Strike Up The Band”.

Refocus your mind and rid yourself of needless distractions. Support your local music scene, support your friends and family, support the community as a whole. Most importantly, support the belief in yourself. In an industry careening into oblivion, Spotted Atrocious is coming to bring you home. Bear arms and join the militia…


Ryan Warfield
Mark Mullen
Liam Tinney
Mitchell Way
Chris Hall

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