April 9, 2016 · 9:15pm

$5 cover

Vinegar Creek Constituency

Vinegar Creek Constituency

Vinegar Creek Constituency is back! Known for their multi-part harmonies, fast pickin’, slick fiddlin’, banjo and mandolin strummin’ style, VCC consistently delivers a high-energy, boot-stompin’ good time. If Vinegar Creek Constituency was a race horse, we’d bet on them every time.

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A Fistful of Sugar



A Fistful of Sugar was convened in late 2010 to solve all the world’s problems with pretty little tunes. So far, so good.

Centered around strong, lush vocal harmonies and driving “new folk” instrumentals, the product is a distinctly modern sound that resonates with echoes of 1930s hot jazz, traditional ‘old-timey’ country, gypsy jazz, and other roots musics. With six vocalists and distinctly bluegrassy instrumentation, A Fistful of Sugar has wowed audiences across the Northeast with their powerful, genre-bending, energetic performances that range from the syrupy-sweet to the gritty and swampy.

A Fistful of Sugar completed their self-titled demo in August 2012. They spent eight months in the studio recording their first full-length album, ‘Perspicacity’, which was released in January 2014.


Driftwood Soldier



Growling and crooning, muttering about lost love, brimstone, and the glorious view from the underside of a rusty world-order, Owen holds the rhythm on mandolin and foot percussion. Bobby takes the opportunity to stretch bass notes into lyrical vines that vibrate somewhere north of your liver and flower unexpectedly at night.

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