July 6, 2018 · 8:30pm


Vinegar Creek Constituency

Lancaster PA’s swashbuckling, Pseudo-legendary pioneers of Amerikindasorta string band music.

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Stu Huggens and The Black Hats

After disbanding SRB in 1999, Stu began doing acoustic shows, performing somewhere between 200-250 shows a year. You can also find Stu hosting the Stu Huggens Talent Showcase at the Burning Bridge Tavern in Wrightsville, Pa.

Stu has also starred in two of The American Music Theater’s original shows: Country Juke Box and Country Classics.  Reviews stated they were some of the best shows ever put on by AMT.  “When Elvis Gives Another Cadillac Away” was used in the Country Jukebox Show in a scene where four Elvis’s danced on stage. Stu was presented the keys to a brand new Cadillac after the final show. It was a Match Box Cadillac.

In 2015 after putting together his new band, The Black Hats, Stu signed with Lanark Records, a Roots Music Label. His first CD, “Same Man, Different Time” was released in July 2016 and got great reviews. The central theme of the CD is how a man’s core values in life remain the same through changing times.

Stu Huggens was one of the first artists chosen to headline the new Longs Park Saturday concerts. Stu’s songs usually have a story behind them and the audiences  like hearing the stories as much as the songs themselves.  This talented group of singers, writers and musicians will often change instruments in the middle of a show to highlight the talents of Jimmy Landis, Country Guitar player extraordinaire to George Keyser’s unbeatable Blues. Leading the way in this musical adventure, is the voice of Stu Huggens

Stu Huggens & The Black Hats:
Jimmy Landis, Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar Bass & Vocals
George Keyser, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar & Vocals
Jamie Hess, Drums & Vocals
Larry Huslin, Piano & Vocals