April 22, 2014 · 6:00pm

free / potluck

We’re hosting a vegan plant-based, whole food potluck … and you’re invited!

Remember that 60-day whole food challenge Joe, Martha and Julie embarked on 2 months ago? Well, they have completed their voyage and, if you followed Joe’s blog posts (see here and here – and here if you don’t mind some more “intimate” details…), you know that the challenge was a success!

In an effort to both celebrate the completion of the journey, as well as show off the new healthy recipes they learned along the way, Joe, Martha and Julie are hosting a vegan plant-based, whole food potluck dinner!

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to eat its produce!

From Joe:

So we had this crazy idea sixty days ago that we would eat nothing but a whole food, plant-based diet and see what happened. At times it has been great, at times it has been awful. Most of the time, we have lived somewhere in the middle.

Coming to the end of it, Martha and I have decided we will stay vegan and primarily choose non-processed whenever possible. The great thing about doing this is that we learned how to cook a whole load of banging food.

We would love to have a vegan potluck in Tellus360 on a regular basis. We figure we will learn a whole load of good things from all you fine folks!

Here’s what we are thinking:

1. All dishes must be vegan.
2. Focus on plant-based whole food ingredients.
3. Try to use as little processed ingredients as possible.
4. No animal products including honey.
5. Please bring the recipe to share.
6. We will provide plates, cutlery and water.
7. Bring a to-go container for left overs.

We are really looking forward to sharing some of our food with you and we cant wait to eat your food because after the last sixty days we’re hungry!

RSVP on the Facebook event page for updates, to share recipes and, most importantly, to invite your friends!