December 3, 2016 · 10:00am

10 am
$99 per workshop or $149 for both
All Ages (Adult Must Be Present)

The Ultimate Writers Weekend


The Ultimate Writers Weekend Learn how to write & publish your own book and then learn how to leverage it to become a successful entrepreneur.

On the Saturday December 3, 10am – 3pm: A Beginners Guide to becoming an Author

  • Believe you really can
  • Learn the process to write a compelling book
  • Publishing and selling is not as hard as you think On the Sunday December 4, 10am – 3pm: From Author to Entrepreneur
  • Using the book to make a difference • Gaining exposure & credibility
  • Leveraging your book to create a passionate & profitable career

Details: The Temple Space, Tellus360, | 24 East King St, Lancaster, PA | Investment: $99 for either workshop or $149 for both

To book;

More information – call Kelly on 603-670-3041

Andrew Jobling was a nonacademic footballer! He was working as a personal trainer with no time and no life until he ‘accidentally’ wrote his first book Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy. Since that time he has written 6 books and his career has taken a surprising and wonderful path that has led him to time, money and a passionate purpose.

Kelly Myles was born in NH and is a long-time business leader and mother, with a strong belief that happiness is a choice. She is a dedicated mentor who spends her career coaching others to focus on achieving what they really want through discovery, planning & accountability. As a newly published author she is passionate about helping others celebrate their own writing success.