May 27, 2014 · 7:00pm


The Brummy Brothers


Bluegrass music inspired by the people, experiences, and scenery of the American Northeast. The Brummy Brothers blend traditional styles, modern influences, and improvisation.

Their music is high energy, uplifting and surprisingly eclectic. Their use of varied tempos, textures, and vocal harmonies creates a sonic soundscape that is unique and appealing.

In January 2012, Andrew Morris (Guitar) and Russell Gottlieb (Banjo) joined brothers Dave (Standup bass) and Eric Brumberg (Mandolin) to form The Brummy Brothers. The four band mates write original bluegrass and jam grass music and tour heavily throughout the Northeast.

Their already strong following is quickly expanding along with their touring regions. Clubs, bars, and other various venues cannot wait to get The Brummy Bros into their establishments. Within their first year on the scene, The Brummy Brothers have already made a strong impression on the festival circuit as well, performing at several small festivals.

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