December 30, 2017 · 8:00pm

The Earls Court – Rock/blues, Alternative
Trey Alexander Band – Rock

Trey Alexander

The Trey Alexander Band is the collaboration of two award-winning musicians– Trey Alexander and Hassan Ali Estakhrian. Together, they form an original rock group that encompasses virtuosic, yet soulful guitar playing, grooving bass lines, driving backbeats and catchy melodies.

Alexander has been playing guitar ever since picking up his parent’s antique guitar at age 15. A few weeks after that, he had worn the windings off of the strings and his father encouraged him to start playing at open mics and jam sessions, which led to his first win at a guitar competition. After seeing Steve Vai perform live when Alexander was 18, he stayed up all night describing the experience to his father, who listened to him play for hours. His father told him, “You will be one of the best guitar players who has ever lived.” Those words were his father’s last as he died of a brain hemorrhage later that night. Alexander realized that he needed to live his dream, to be a musician, and carry on his father’s legacy.

With his father’s words fresh in his mind, Alexander put all of his energy into music with his new friend, Hassan Ali Estakhrian, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. Raised in a musical family, music had always been an integral part of Estakhrian’s life. He started playing piano at age 11 and continued learning more instruments such as guitar, bass and drums. Estakhrian’s interests soon grew to include songwriting, composition and music production. He has since recorded and produced studio albums for several bands. Alexander and Estakhrian released their first album together in 2001 and for the next several years performed in the Central Pennsylvania region under multiple band names and with an assortment of musicians.

In 2006, came the fulfillment of Alexander’s dream and his father’s words. Alexander entered Guitar Player magazine’s Guitar Hero Competition in San Francisco, CA. After competing against the other nine finalists and in front of judges such as Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather and Richie Kotzen, he was named Guitar Hero 2006. Satriani said, ““…it was really a stroke of genius the way he played the crowd… I have a feeling we will be hearing great things from Trey to come.”

As a result of his win, Alexander has since appeared in Guitar Player magazine 13 times and has a long list of endorsements including Peavy, Ernie Ball, Suhr Guitars, and Cornford amps . He has had the opportunity to play beside such greats as Richie Kotzen, Dick Dale, Muriel Anderson, Stu Hamm, Danny Gotlieb and Mark Egan. Alexander also released two instructional guitar videos through TrueFire for which Estakhrian recorded and produced the backing tracks.

In 2007, Alexander and Estakhrian reunited the Trey Alexander Band and they have since opened for popular bands such as Blue Oyster Cult and Project Object and had a guitar riff from their original tune, “Hell Struggle,” featured in Premier Guitar magazine. In 2010, Estakhrian, now studying music theory and composition at West Chester University, entered the Roz Patton Songwriting competition and won first place for “Don’t Pinch Me Now,” a song which the Trey Alexander Band performs regularly.

Currently, the Trey Alexander Band plays as a three-piece ensemble with Alexander on guitar and lead vocals, Andy Alonso on Bass, and Dave Santana on drums


The Earl’s Court

The Earls Court is an emerging rock band from  Lancaster Pennsylvania. They have a classic blues rock drive in their warm tone. The band formed in 2014 with lead guitarist and vocalist Richard Patterson, drummer Ethan Patterson, keyboardist  Ross Olweiler and bassist John Stein. Starting from age 11, Richard Patterson started teaching himself guitar with influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Stevie Ray Vaughn. In years prior to The Earl’s Court, Richard began writing and composing different songs and melodies that have been a major part in shaping the art and style of the band. The band plans to change hearts and minds to a positive electric sound.