Before there was Michael Flatley and his fast-footed Riverdance, there were the good ol’ days of Irish set dancing. Picture a quaint barn floor covered in hay with the town band playing as the community came together and danced the night away. Different than the world famous Riverdance, Irish set dancing features a group of dancers huddled arm-in-arm and hand-in-hand (think: Irish square dancing).

This is your chance to hit the dance floor for an authentic Irish cultural experience like none other… Come as a single (we’ll find a partner for you), as a couple, or as a complete group of eight! And make sure you dress in clothes you are comfortable moving around in … and for the sake of St. Patrick wear some shoes (flip flops and sandals are not your friends here….)!

Cost: $7/class, or 4-pack for $20

Contact instructor Joan Benjamin at (717) 355-9299 or email to register for a class in advance (required) or ask any questions.

Tickets are to be purchased in the store at Tellus360. Click here for the full class schedule.