July 15, 2017 · 8:00pm

8 PM, The Temple

Vivien Leigh
Minimus the Poet
Laura Luce

Laura Luce

Laura Luce and some of the band members from Ton-Taun are ready to bring you a great night of music!

Minimus the Poet

“Married In The Mud” was released April 2011. The second album – and the first EP – from Minimus the Poet echoes the folk-injected rock featured on the debut release “E S O”, but introduces a new confidence and a more cohesive effort that will certainly capture the attention of new and old fans alike. “Prudence” is a feel-good, folk/bluegrass number with a catchy hook and toe-tapping swagger. “Drying Out” paints a colorful picture with unique instrumentation and loquacious, oft-indecent lyrics. “Poison”, once a piano/vocal ballad B-side from 2009’s “E S O”, sports a fresh arrangement that evokes the human heartbeat, and showcases new depth and instruments – namely the banjo. “Indigo”, also a rearranged B-side, is a haunting folk tune featuring Minimus’ hallmark theremin. The title cut, “Married In The Mud”, is an accessible crossover track that pushes the limits on run-of-the-mill pop rock, testing the listener with syncopated percussion and meter changes, rewarding their effort with an unforgettable chorus that you’ll inevitably hum in your sleep.

“E S O” was released on July 1st, 2009. The full length album was written, arranged, engineered, and produced by Aaron Wold. A Baltimore transplant, Wold recruited some of the area’s most talented musicians to contribute performances to the work.* Dynamic and eclectic song writing displayed via acoustic strings, layered vocals, an array of percussion, and soaring theremin. Minimus the Poet, once a solo project, has blossomed into a full band; properly supporting and accompanying the debut release.

The Vivien Leigh Documentary

Band Members:

Hadassah Wilson – vocals,
Scott Bookman – guitar,
Ron Leik – guitar,
Joseph Spurlock – upright bass,
Matt Blank – drums