January 12, 2018 · 11:55pm


Tomato Face

Welcome, friends – to the Tomato Face bio! Keep your hands inside the vehicle and save all questions for the end. And we’re off! On your left, you’ll see the world famous “band history” where we regale you, our dear fans, with boring and long winded origin tales of forgotten band members, hometown allegiances, and “legendary” cafeteria shows. Up ahead on the right, you’ll see a statue of our great founder…. Sir Chasewick. Ahhh, what a handsome fellow. Finest bass player this side of the Mississippi, I reckon! Which brings us to scenic “unrealistic boasting” around the corner to your left. It is there, next to the gift shop, that you will find a monument on which is engraved in stone our revolutionary artistic vision – a tragic tale of unappreciated talent! Oh dear…It brings tears to the eye. Does anyone have a hankey!? Dear me….

On that note, feel free to roam about as you see fit. Take it all in. Deep breaths, and whatnot. Steve here has hankeys if you find yourself getting misty eyed. Don’t forget to get your souvenir photograph with Tough Eddy! He should be lurking about in the shadows someplace…unless he’s on his lunch (that suit must get HOT!) Any questions? Ah yes – you with the haircut, go ahead. Don’t be shy! What does Tomato Face sound like!? What a dumb question! Let’s see, how should I put this…. well, imagine a band that sounds like a cross between The Beatles, Depeche Mode, and old school Metallica. Now imagine a second band that sounds exactly like James Brown crossed with Nickelback, the theme song from Gilligan’s Island, and Skrillex. Now picture a cover band of the second band mentioned. Now picture a rival cover band to that first cover band, who rides the hype by playing in nearby cities, but isn’t quite as talented. Tomato Face is that band. …Yep. Pretty much hits the nail on the head. What was I talking about again? Oh forget it – time for lunch!

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