April 18, 2013 · 7:00pm

Tellus360 presents a series of innovative and thought-provoking workshops designed to put your creativity to work. Writers of all abilities are invited to join us for three distinctly unique evenings of writing both prose and poetry, in which we take a hands-on approach to the exploration of different techniques, styles, and creative ways to approach the practice of writing. If you’re already a writer, these workshops will give you fresh perspectives and a new set of tools. If you’re new to writing, you’ll learn that it’s not always a matter of Dos and Don’ts, but an exploration process, enjoyed for its own sake!

The suggested age range for this workshop is 16 yrs +

Tyler Clever, Thursday April 18th, 7-9pm

Ty Clever is the Director of Millersville University: South Central PaARTners, an arts-in-education program supported by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He has taught English, Humanities, and Literature at Harrisburg Area Community College, SUNY Buffalo, and SUNY Cortland. Former director of the Rose Lehman Art Center Gallery and Ganser Gallery, Ty’s exhibition essays and reviews have been published by the State University of Buffalo Art Gallery; Artvoice; Littlejohn Contemporary, New York, NY; and the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland. He is currently presenting writing workshops that explore the connection between creative writing and innovative thinking strategies.

Five Ways to Tell a Story

Many of us have been taught that there is a right way and a wrong way to write, suggesting that writing well is simply a matter of avoiding mistakes and following the rules. This workshop takes a different approach. We’ll look at a wide range of writers, and see how each writer’s style is “correct” for his or her purpose and intent. Then, using these writers as models, we will investigate how you can adapt some of their techniques to your own writing. Through a series of writing experiments, you will discover that there are many ways to tell a story—the five we’ll cover are just the beginning!

This workshop also serves as an intro to innovative thinking strategies—useful to any creative process, not just writing.

This is a “hands-on” workshop. Come prepared to write! Bring all the tools that you enjoy writing with.Due to the exploratory nature of this workshop, we will be starting from scratch. There’s no need to bring any drafts. You will not have to share your work (unless you really want to!).