July 7, 2012 · 12:00pm

Even trash can be beautiful if you change your perspective… lets do this! No prerequisites to our artist experiences…just an open mind and clothes you can get messy.

So now…about our 2nd Tellus360 Art Event, The Vik Muniz Experience…Saturday July 7th from 12-4pm – All ages – Free…

Who is the featured artist for this art event? Vik Muniz – Sculptor and Photographer – Born 1961 – Still living and working :-)

Why Vik Muniz? Brazilian artist,Vik Muniz, is currently one of the most influential contemporary artists in the art world. He uses everyday objects such as toys, dirt, sugar and trash to create realistic reproductions of images from photo journalism and art history. The objects and materials are positioned with such skill that many times don’t even realize what the image is made up of until you take a second look. He inspires us and emulates our perspective here at Tellus360 by giving discarded and unassuming items a new purpose.

What will you have the opportunity to participate in at The Vik Munez Experience? Similar to the Jackson Pollock Experience, we will provide the blank canvases and you will work together with all who come to create large scale collages with trash, found objects, dirt, sticks, sand and whatever else we collect. You’ll have access to scissors, glue, staple guns and exacto knives to help you manipulate the materials.


How can you learn more about Vik Muniz? Come to our screening of Waste Land (Renowned artist Vik Muniz embarks on one of the most inspired collaborations of his career, joining creative forces with Brazilian garbage pickers who mine treasure from the trash heaps of Rio de Janeiro’s Jardim Gramacho landfill.), a documentary featuring Vik Muniz, on June 28th, 8pm, at Tellus360. OR come into Tellus360, plop your booty down on an Irish antique and read/browse through one of the books we have on Vik. We also have the documentary if you watch it on your laptop in the store.


Is there anything you can do to help us make this free event as awesome as it possibly can be?? WE WANT YOUR TRASH! All we ask is that if you have clean dry plastic bottles, paper, magazines, old barbies, toys, unique clean(no food particles or anything that would rot) trash(that is not heavy, this will be hung on the wall), light weight objects, sand, dirt, sticks, that you are willing to donate please bring it to Tellus360! We have a large collection box at the front of the store. We will be collecting all the way through the event, thanks in advance!!