October 21, 2015 · 8:00pm

$5 cover (goes to Music for Everyone)

The Showcase Sing-off w/ Steve Patterson


Music for Everyone, Steve Patterson, and Tellus360 are excited to bring you the finale to the 2015 season of The Showcase!

The art of the Singer Songwriter is featured in this unique series that brings artist and audience together to enjoy new, original music in an intimate, listening-room setting.

On October 21, 8PM, Mindy Nolt, Robert Bobby, Jean Synodinos, and Steve Chambers will be competing for audience votes and cash prizes at the 2015 Singer-Songwriter Showcase Finale. This show is the season-ending bash following 9 months of shows celebrating the art of the singer-songwriter. It will be a fundraising event for the Showcase’s sponsor, Music For Everyone. Audience members will receive a ballot at the door ($5), and will be able to buy a second ballot with a $20 donation to MFE. We will also be raffling off a basket of MFE swag with CD’s from many of this year’s participating artists

Thanks to a generous grant from Sid and Jan the artists who make the sing-off will be competing for substantial cash prizes.

We expect this show to be sold out.

Mindy Nolt


Mindy Nolt has been writing songs since she was a child and has continued to explore music in a variety of ways ever since. She has been inspired by artists such as Gillian Welch, Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris. She has found songwriting to be one of the best ways to express herself, and her songs speak to life’s struggles and mysteries in a poetic and contemplative way.

Mindy has continued to write songs over the years, releasing her first album, As a Tree, in 2004. In both 2008 and 2013, Mindy had a song chosen for an album produced by the local nonprofit Music for Everyone. Her recent album, Movers and Lovers, was recorded at The Sugartank in the basement of Tellus360, and was released in 2014.

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Robert Bobby

robert bobby

Robert Bobby has been a staple of the Central Pennsylvania music scene for more decades than Tim McCarver played major league ball, and has been favorably reviewed by music critics in Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, Sing Out! and numerous other publications. He is known for his way with words, his sense of humor, passionate voice and his ability to connect with an audience.


Jean Synodinos


This month’s featured performer is Lancaster native Jean Synodinos, who has made a name for herself from the heart of Austin, TX. She returns home, bringing her grit, grace, and acoustic soul with a voice that’s been hailed by critics as “big league” and “show-stopping.” Her award-winning writing digs deep, moving from big affirmations to little ironies at the turn of a phrase.  Deftly skating between genres, Jean easily slips from folk to pop to jazz to blues and more to create dynamic live performances and recordings that make audiences ask for more.

Steve Chambers

steve chambers

Steve Chambers is a songwriter who, along with his famous wife, Robin, has entertained renowned musicians, Hollywood celebrities, street people, tourists and children throughout the world, ……but now just pretty much restricts himself to singing to his cat. He has worked in the post modern, psychedelic, punk folk band, Modern Icons, numerous other local bands, all of whom you are probably too young to remember, and does occasional solo work as his cat allows. He is an active  member of the MFE Community Chorus and dedicates himself to raising awareness in the field of “cultivating the power of music”.