August 7, 2014 · 8:00pm

$5 cover

Kansas City’s The Grisly Hand is in town with their unique blend of music that crosses a wide range of genres. Southcentral PA’s Buzzchopper opens the evening with their instrumental surf rock sounds.

The Grisly Hand

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Since 2009, The Grisly Hand has been winning over audiences and critics in Kansas City. And now, with a new album under their belts, the band has a little more experience, and a lot more momentum. Though rooted in the Midwest, this is the kind of act that’s bound to resonate anywhere it lands.

The new album, Country Singles, started as an inside joke among the band members about a rural newsletter for lonely Middle Americans. The double meaning points to the band’s sense of humor, but this album is more than a collection of twangy hoedowns. Rather, it covers a wide breadth of dynamics and emotions, and speaks as a testament to the band’s grasp of American music, both traditional and modern. Nods to classic soul music, folk, punk rock and barrelhouse blues can be found here, wrapped within soulful harmonies, crisp musicianship and clever lyrical depth.

The Grisly Hand conjures visions of the familiar while remaining refreshing and original. Their appeal isn’t limited to the Midwest, but it’s undeniably part of their identity. With Country Singles, The Grisly Hand has shown that their unique style is a work in progress. Their sound evolves and takes on new traits, but it maintains the same backbone that has won the band fans and accolades for the last five years.


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Buzzchopper is a heavy instrumental surf band from South Central PA. Weaving psychedelic surf leads over pounding rhythms, Buzzchopper rides a wave of classic 60s surf sounds through the garage and out the other side.