January 3, 2015 · 9:00pm

$5 at the door

For the first time ever, a reunion of the original lineup of the Green Onions.

The Green Onions

green onions

The Green Onions, the band that Corty Byron started with his father when he was just 16, is coming together with the original lineup for the first time since they played their final show in August 2007.  This rootsy rock and jam band featured music that sounded like it came straight out of your 70’s era FM radio, and were a staple of the local music scene for a few years, even opening for a number of national acts.

The original lineup includes:

Corty Byron: guitar/vocal
Mike Dinse: bass/vocal
Chris Gurreri: guitar/vocal
Scott Frenchek: keys/vocal
Corty Byron Sr: organ/vocal
John Gasparich: drums
Drummer Gasparich left the area a few years back to become an animal tracker and wilderness survival teacher in Calgary, Alberta, but will be making a return visit to Lancaster, making this show possible.