June 9, 2015 · 8:00pm

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The Cavern Club

cavern club



Four lads from Liverpool….er…Lancaster…paying tribute to the Fab Four!


Having played with several Lancaster County bands, Ricky Kreiser is a seasoned percussionist with dreamy eyes (and the potential for a killer mustache) and a penchant for rhythm. Having first heard “Yellow Submarine” when he was a wee lad, Ricky’s interest in The Beatles has provided a strong baseline for his many musical projects. He is not only our Ringo; he is also our George… Martin, that is.

Tyler Lindemuth does not shred; he wails. You might even say his guitar gently weeps (but he doesn’t). He has played in several local original rock bands but has always had a love for the Fab Four. He had discovered The Beatles on his own and instantly fell in love with their crisp harmonies and pioneering sound He works tirelessly to personalize George Harrison’s guitar work in a way that keeps it fresh and his own.

Eric Badaracco is a jack-of-all-trades. Aside from playing the “Paul” part in The Cavern Club, Eric enjoys exercise, reading, and any artistic endeavor. Originally from Northern New Jersey, Eric enjoys cooking Italian food and hosts yearly food and wine tours to Italy. Eric was first hooked on the Beatles when he watched A Hard Days Night with his father as a child.

Joe Lacombe (a.k.a. John Lennon) is a guitarist and singer-songwriter based out of Lititz, Pennsylvania. His personal influences range from Muddy Waters to Radiohead, but his love for The Beatles has always served as an undercurrent for all of his tastes. Having written, recorded, and performed with several acts over the years, Joe has always been searching for a more disciplined and cathartic musical experience. Once he met up with the other members of Cavern Club, the electricity was more than palpable, forging a connection that will continue to grow as he immerses himself in the melodies and harmonies of that worldwide sonic phenomenon known only as The Beatles.

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