August 10, 2017 · 8:00pm

8:00 PM, Tigh Mhary

The Ardvark Felon 

Ardvark Felon is the anagram-derived alter ego for the the band’s leader, Frank Velardo; the singer, lead guitar-slinger, man behind it all. He and his band are refreshingly raw and honest in their approach to delivering music. They’re spontaneous, but polished; serious, yet absurd. They’re funky in all the right ways, with a unique concept for jamming and improvising.

The band became official in 2012 with Velardo’s debut EP, The Ardvark Felon. As time passed, Velardo found himself devoting most of his time and energy towards working as a sideman in other projects; most notably, as the guitarist for a band called Downtown Shimmy. They released an album in 2013, and they toured the US and Canada working in the blues/swing dance scene. Since the band split up in 2016, Velardo has refocused his energy on The Ardvark Felon.

In January 2017, Velardo released his 2nd EP, My Baby Gets Me High, featuring the single “My Baby Gets Me High (When I’m Broke)” – an alternative love song that finds its roots in funky grooves of the 70’s, reminding the listener of The Rolling Stones or Al Green. The EP is now available on all digital platforms and CD. It has also been in rotation on WXPN. Since its release, The Ardvark Felon been playing regularly in the Philadelphia area, and they plan on releasing new music in the fall.

The Felons’ musicianship is next level, and Velardo’s originals are classic; but what most people comment on is the level of fun the band has on stage. Their smiles are contagious. It’s hard not to smile along with them as they get lost in their sound. Frank is a very animated performer, and he puts it all out there. It is clear that he and his band are truly doing what they love, and that positive energy fills whatever room they’re playing.

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