June 25, 2015 · 6:30pm

Silent auction: 6:30pm/ Music: 7:00pm

Lancaster New Sounds: The 717 Collective
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Are you an adventurous listener looking for something new and interesting? Do you enjoy the magic of live performance by world class musicians? We do too! Lancaster New Sounds is dedicated to giving musicians the opportunity to share the music they love in a casual listening environment.

For the latest installment of the series, we bring you The 717 Collective on the roof at Tellus360. Join us for dinner, and then we’ll have a silent auction beginning at 6:30, which will benefit Lancaster New Sounds.

The 717 Collective


Ryan Kauffman says: “I originally founded The 717 Collective because I wanted to write some new music for a larger ensemble, not just lead sheets for club dates. Having the sextet with three horns really allows us to explore a larger range of color and expression. At the same time, it’s a more nimble group than, say, a big band. Everyone in the group writes music, too, so one important part of our vision is to feature music from all parties involved. About the music itself, I’ll just say that all music exists, to me, in the present. From there the time-line gets really blurry as we recreate, revamp, rethink, look forward and backward. I’m definitely coming from the perspective of the jazz continuum, seeking to both honor and extend that tradition. My hope is that the music you hear will be full of honesty and joy.”

The 717 Collective is:

Brandon Hollinger, saxophone
Ryan Kauffman, saxophone
Chris Loser, drums
Bob Meashey, trumpet
Steve Meashey, bass
Matthew Monticchio, piano