October 12, 2014

Visit Nepal with Tellus360!

18 Energizing Days of Culture, Religion, and Beauty in the High Himalayas of Nepal

Beautiful Nepal

Dates: October 12-29, 2014
Price: $3,333.33 (This does not include flights; scroll down for flight details.)
Guides: Nepal junkie/insider Jerry Lapp and Tellus360 master of disaster Joe Devoy

The Trekker: An alpine trek through the high Himalayas — click here for details/itinerary

Join Joe and Jerry on what is sure to be a life-changing trip to Nepal’s ancient and chaotic capital city of Kathmandu and onward to the less-traveled trails of the Langtang Himalaya!

We’ll give you plenty of time to explore on your own or with us if that’s your style. We head to higher ground on the exhilarating Pasang Lama Highway which serves as our gateway to freedom and simplicity. We’ll quickly settle into the daily rhythm of all the best things in life: walking, eating, meeting local mountain friends and other travelers, sweating, eating again…

As we head higher, villages are slowly replaced by lakes and glaciers. We’ll take an extra day or two to explore a Buddhist monastery, glaciers and mountains around the high village of Kyanjin Gompa. This is also historically prime Yeti spotting territory, so keep your eyes and mind open to that. Next we head over high and holy passes (either 15,200 or 16,800 ft – you pick!) to enter the land of the Sherpas. Our trek descends through the land of Helambu as rocks and scrub give way to trees and greenery. The real beauty of this trek is that we walk down into the Kathmandu Valley, thus avoiding another road trip!

An Irishman and a Lancaster man who will be there when you need us and can get lost when you’re tired of us. Most meals in and around Kathmandu are included in the package. When we start trekking, all meals will be included. As well, we’ll provide local guides and porters to carry your rucksack (backpack) when trekking from lodge to lodge. For those who choose to go over the high pass, we’re hiring a mini private army of mercenary Sherpas + cooks + tents + mountaineering lessons, as needed.

Meet your guides:

Long lost brothers

A Lancaster native, Jerry Lapp spent 5 years of his life falling in love with Nepal. Living and working in Kathmandu, Jerry and his wife Mary Ellen returned to Lancaster in 2003 to start a family. Although they left Nepal, anyone who knows Jerry and Mary Ellen know that Nepal never left them. Jerry has been very involved with the Nepali refugee community in Lancaster, has brought Lancaster people back to Nepal, is fluent in Nepali and is well versed in the Buddhist religion and the Hindu caste system. He is incredibly excited to show you the real Nepal, from its people and culture to its scenic valleys and mountains.

Nice hairJoe Devoy is the the owner of Tellus360. He traveled to Nepal with his two sons and sister last November. From the flight in with the Himalayas not touching the ground to the frantic chaos of Kathmandu, from the rooftop bus rides to the home stay in Archale, Joe also fell hook, line and sinker for the country and even more so for the people whose contagious enthusiasm for life will rob your heart. Joe already runs trips to his homeland of Ireland and has a host of people that can tell you why you probably should pick a better tour guide.

Pre-trip Info Sessions

Want to know more of what this trip is all about?

Joe and Jerry are hosting info sessions in January, February and April:

•  January 22, 2014 @ 7pm (at Tellus360)
•  February 22nd, 2014 @ 5pm (at Tellus360)
•  April 22, 2014 @ 6pm (at Tellus360)

Also feel free to call or e-mail Jerry and Joe with any specific questions:

Jerry Lapp – (717) 682-5265; lappjerry@gmail.com
Joe Devoy – (443) 506-7124; joed@tellus360.com

You can also stop in anytime at the Tellus360 bar to talk with Joe about the trip!

Weather in Nepal

October weather in Nepal is as good as it gets. The land is just coming out of a three-month shower, known as monsoon, which washes and greens the countryside. Nights in Langtang will be cool down low and cold at the higher elevations (below 30 degrees). The strong, high-altitude daytime sun brings with it tremendous warming each day – it’s not unusual for temperatures to be in the 60s and 70s lower down and 50s up high. There is generally very little precipitation in October, but be prepared for the stray rain shower at lower elevations; the Ganja La & Laurebina La passes have been known to get hit with a bit of snow at almost any time of year. In Kathmandu, count on cool mornings followed by short-sleeve afternoons.

Fitness Conditioning (for alpine trekkers!)

The beauty of trekking in Nepal is that it’s accessible to a wide range of physical abilities and allows each trekker to live up to his or her full potential! Trekking is the ultimate freedom. Even though you’ll be with a group, you will be able to walk at your own pace! With that in mind, you don’t need to be in peak physical condition to enjoy the trek, however there are some things to consider before signing on. Click here for an in-depth look at what to expect!

Flight Information

Each traveler will be responsible for his or her own flight reservation. Since it is a long flight with one or two layovers, we would love to have you travel on the same flight as us. We will let you know our flight info once we’ve booked tickets and will then lend a hand to the rest of you to book on the same flight. Tickets prices are generally in the range of $1,200 to $1,700. We will most likely fly from JFK Airport in New York and can arrange a group shuttle from Lancaster to the airport if most of you choose to fly on the same flight.

Passport and Visa Info

Each traveler must have a passport that does not expire until at least six months after travel. This is important, so please double-check the expiration date of your passport! U.S. citizens are required to have a Nepal tourist visa to enter the country. The visa can easily be procured at the airport ($40) upon arrival in Kathmandu. In Nepal, it’s always a good idea to bring along at least a dozen passport-size photos for your visa and other documents.

Recommended Reading  

H.W. Tilman had a way with words and was one of the Himalaya’s most prolific explorers. Tilman’s book, Nepal Himalaya, describes in detail his discoveries and ramblings in the Langtang Valley, amongst other areas. It’s considered a mountaineering classic and is a very entertaining read.