May 5, 2016 · 8:00pm


Tellus Jokes: Big Apple Comedy in the Heart of Lancaster. Comedian Rubi Nicholas delivers the best comedy to Lancaster on the third Thursday of every month.

This month’s show features the comedy of Infauxmation!



Infauxmation! is an improv show with three comedian panelists riffing on the lighter side of the news. Bizarre stories from legitimate sources like Vice, the BBC, CNN and the Huffington Post have ranged from Christian body building swingers to extraordinary drug mishaps to whatever the hell happened in Florida this week. So whether you’re a news junky who’s tired of the doom and gloom of the front page or just a lover of comedy, Infauxmation! is guaranteed to bring you laughs.

Every show features brand new stories and one-time-only material from the panel of comedians. In addition to commentary on news stories, over the course of the 90-minute show each of the three comedian panelists does a seven-minute set, producer and host Brent Gill highlights three especially strange stories, and the audience has a chance to actually meet one of the news makers themselves…or at least a comedian’s impersonation of one.

In its home state of Colorado, each showing of Infauxmation! draws an audience of about 150 young to middle-aged professionals looking to escape the weight of the day’s news. Infauxmation! is a mainstay at the Denver Comedy Works, and travels to it’s other home in New York at The Creek and the Cave every fifth Friday. The show features the best industry comedians which have included The Grawlix (Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl), Nick Vatterott, Ben Kronberg, Andy Sandford, and Sam Tallent.

Look no further for a show with the feel of Chelsea Lately, the integrity of The Daily Show, and the crass hilarity of @Midnight.