June 15, 2018 · 8:00pm

8P, An Sibin
Tickets: $10 ADV, $12 at the Door

Stuart Young

Stuart Young at the age of 26, has found himself traveling where the music leads. He was raised in the beautiful state of Maine in where music became a passion at the age of 13. He started playing bars and cafe’s at the age of 15 and has continued to love sharing his heart through songwriting ever since. “I often pray my voice is connected to my heart”. He does not write for the sake of writing a song. He wants to start a conversation, not just deliver a song and leave. Many of the songs he writes are taken from the most intimate parts of his journal. Tattered and torn but longing for hope; he delivers a song with such transparency that echo the hardships and questions he has on life. He invites the listener to look for hope in the darkness and peace in the pain. “I am not in this business for the music in and of itself. That would be a vain pursuit for me. I strive to make melodies that will simply spark conversation because after I tell my story I want to hear the stories of others. Music breaks walls down that people have built over time in their lives. Music allows authentic community to take place. When I write, I write in mind of the listener. I want the ears that listen to have the freedom to ask questions and see hope in the darkness that surround them in life. Music has a way of doing that. People are my priority in music and to bring conversation through music.”

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Three Strands

A project created by Lancaster-Based singer/songwriter Sean Cox.

The gap between faith and unbelief, for some, can seem like a vast sea. It is here where Three Strands’ songs tend to reside. Love, loss and community have a looming influence over what we find true and good. Through honest and simplistic arrangements and strong influences from the American folk revival as well as early gospel and blues traditions, Three Strands is a project that exists to dredge those deep waters in search for the strands that unite us all.

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Tim Weaver

Songwriter from Lancaster, PA who is attempting to figure it all out.

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