October 27, 2017 · 8:00pm


The Stonewall Vessels

“The Stonewall Vessels are impossible categorize into one single genre or, really, even a certain set of genres. As musicians they are influenced by a wide variety of styles and even many things outside of a strictly musical realm. “So who are we to just try to fit into one thing,” they ask, “when we like so many different kinds of things?” For each member it has always been about coming together, brining all they can to the table, and “let[ing] it come out the way it’s meant to be.” This effort without a specific goal leads to universality. The Stonewall Vessels have played with everything from pop punk to metal acts, “but we always seem to leave the place with people liking us. They might not have liked the whole thing, but a certain part of it got them because it’s so universal. We’re not trying to fit in with any specified thing, we’re just doing what we feel and that’s the creative aspect of it.”

– Scott Fugger (36 Vultures)

“We all may know bands who sound crisp and have vocals that soar on record, but when captured live? Not so crisp + not so soaring = disappointment. This was not the case when I watched The Prava Sessions!”
-Fig Lancaster



Guitar-based Melodic Progressive Alternative Indie Sometimes Math-y Sometimes Psych-y
Colin Fry- Guitar/Vocals
Mark Marafioti- Guitar
Grant Shaika-Bass/Vocals
Steve Witmer- Drums
Vince Ferretti- Percussion/synth

Matt the Hoople

A couple Matt got together and started a band. More specifically Matt Johnson from Uncle Skip, Matt Blank from Vivien Leigh Documentary, Matt Hershey from Happy Sally and Ruby Street, and Matt Moore from Ruby Street and Crooked Trees.