January 19, 2018 · 8:00pm

SondorBlue – Alternative
Flapjack Jones and The Bender Brohs – Blues Rock


“So here’s kinda what happened…

The members of SondorBlue grew up on Hilton Head Island where they played music and excelled in school and sports, especially baseball. In January of 2011, Andrew Halley and Connor Hollifield met at a pick-up basketball game. They sat down and talked music after the game, and, later that day, Connor sent Andrew a YouTube video of him performing an original song. They started playing, writing, and busking together, eventually getting the opportunity to do local gigs around the island that summer. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist John Sheehan joined them a year later and provided the band with speakers for live shows. In 2015, as the shows got larger, Drew Lewis, a long time friend and Hilton Head Island native, joined them on drums.

Today, SondorBlue is an indie-rock band out of Charleston, SC comprised of three lead vocalists. Their sound combines a refreshing classic touch with a modern flare. When each voice comes together to create the three-part harmonies that are carefully woven into each of their songs, a magical fourth voice is created that is uniquely SondorBlue. With influences that range from Coldplay, Dr. Dog, Ed Sheeran, Tame Impala, to the Beatles, Half Moon Run, The Fleet Foxes, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young,  their emotional songs have won them fans of all ages.

“Sondor” is a word embodying the realization that, although we may have different experiences, they invoke the emotions that we, as human beings, all have capability to feel in the same way. Through SondorBlue’s lyrics and music, we can all share this connection.


Flapjack Jones and The Bender Brohs

“The Bender Broh Story”.

Well i was on my way to play a gig in a town called marietta
And i was so damn hungry but didnt have 2 cents to rub together
I figured i’d have to steal or fight, just like i do every night
And i came upon a run down roadhouse
with a sign missin letters

So i rolled my rusty ride round the rear
Though the lights were out i could smell food and stale beer
when i got inside i was mighty surprised,
My gaze was met with old, cold, dark eyes
And a greasy old grin that could still a ragin steer

Well i tried to play it off like i was dumb or
just real stoned

Say, Hows about i turn around and we
leave this whole thing alone
With a souless laugh he said oh you didnt know?
You just tried to rob flapjack jones and i
think your gonna learn to love your new home

At the time i didnt figure what he meant by that
I over heard this loud mouth bass playin
bus boy they called Flat
He was clearing off tables and a walkin his
bass, singin and a swingin with a smile cross his face
Thats when i realized we were slaves to old flapjack

Time rolled past, slinging stacks and singing our tunes
We tried this and that but it was time we tried something new
There was a travelin blues man at table 15,
so we went and told him all the beer was free
Thats how we got cody, bender broh number 3

See cody didnt pay no mind to fittin in
Cuz he could play mean guitar and sing blues sweeter than sin
He was great with folks so we made him
the host, but there was still something
missing, we needed more than notes
Some kind of rhythm man that lets us just follow him.

It was a sunny afternoon right when the lunch crowd gets a lil slow
Cody stepped outside to have a little smoke
Bare feet, in the street just a bangin pots
and pans, sat a lock haired hippy with a sign in his hand said,
Will work for food just as long as i can toke

Ian started washin dishes and the music got tight
We were rockin and a rollin serving
breakfast day and night
It seemed the bender brohs were a finally
complete, just simple melodies with a soulfull beat
And all the people knew where to eat drink
and shuffle their feet

Saturday night, tables full and the bar is hot
Ian couldnt play drums too many dishes
and smokin too much pot
Here comes a three piece suit, tailored, fit
and thin, dressed sharp as the bell on the door he walked in
Italian leather boots and a gold rolex wrist watch

He smugly made his way to flapjack jones
Introduced himself as darryl with a contract to take our home
See this property is on native land and im here on behalf of the man
So yall can go ahead and get gone

Well old flapjack saw right through his fancy

And when you try to steal from jack you
know you always gotta pay it back
Little did we know this man darryl had soul
A tongue smooth as silver and a voice like gold
And he can tickle them keys no matter if they white or black

Now was it all a chance or happening of a demons plan?
Cuz in the real hells kitchen theres a full staff and fuckin band
Come down and see what we’re about,
But dont stay too long or you might not get out
And if flapjack had his way youd live in the palm of his hand

Thats about all there is to the story of the bender brohs
And if you hankerin for flapjacks then you
better come and see old jones
We got rocknroll, honky tonk, rhythm and blues
We always serve up cold beer and good food,
Who knows, maybe youll call that shack
your new home too