July 28, 2018 · 8:30pm


Snow Villain

Snow Villain is the animal inside you that you didn’t know existed. Behind Snow Villain is musical visionary, Grant Goldsworthy, a multi-instrumentalist whose passion for music and originality is heard throughout the music. Without specific intentions of what the band would “sound like,” Goldsworthy assembled a team of collaborators that was not held back by industry constraints, or genre labels; the Pennsylvania-based quintet is defined by making music by their rules.

On the band’s upcoming debut EP, I, Snow Villain creates guitar-based melodic rock that spans genres from indie folk/pop to grungy, heavy rock. Snow Villain is an organic, collaborative effort; each member getting the opportunity to flourish. Snow Villain performs as Grant Goldsworthy (lead vocals/guitar); Alex Hilliard (bass); Anthony Pieruccini (guitar); and Cory Paternoster (drums).

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Volume to Nothing

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