November 14, 2014 · 8:00pm

$5 cover at door

Alt-country/rock-and-roll outfit Slimfit is back to rock The Temple in a way no other band can.




It’s difficult to tell which is Slimfit’s greater trick – caring so little, and yet ending up with such airtight, honest, it’s-in-the-blood alt-country songs, or caring so much, and ending up with such an effortless-sounding, whiskey-soaked, can’t-be-forced genuineness. Ultimately, Slimfit sound exactly like what they are: a group of long-time friends with a shared affinity for fringe country, punk rock spirit, piss beer, camping trips and Bell Biv DeVoe T-shirts. But the music is something that extends far beyond what these five Lancaster, PA, boys should ostensibly be capable of. Flannel shirts and short hair be damned – these guys rock the living shit out of each song, whether it’s a sweet, dusty ballad or a scorching barroom stomp. The music is deceptively simple, joyously feral – it’s rock-solid songwriting at its most basic and visceral, exploited in all the right ways with cascading Telecasters and a soldiering rhythm section.

Blend Uncle Tupelo’s fervor, Steve Earle’s rasp, Tom Petty’s jangley pop and, if you put your ear to the ground, whispers of co-songwriters Joey McMonagle and Pat Kirchner’s other influences, including Superdrag and Descendents, you’ll only start to understand what it is that makes a Slimfit concert experience what it is.

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The Separators

The separators

The Separators are a new band consisting of brothers Alex (Guitar) and Matt Abel (Drums), fronted by Colin Deery (Vox, Bass). After playing and writing music together for a while, the Separators have finally recorded and independently released their debut EP “Sixes & Sevens”. With this collection of songs, the Separators provide an exciting alt rock sound which has potential to stand alongside the very best. Through incipient promotion, The Separators are ready to put themselves on the map.

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