September 13, 2016 · 9:00pm

no cover


Silent Disco w/ Aortic Valve


Shhh…Inside voices please
Silent summer nights will get you through hump day.

The boys from Aortic Valve are bringing their A/V extravaganza back with another silent disco. Silent disco is a unique way of experiencing live music – whether it be a DJ or even a live band. Guests wear wireless headphones and a silent atmosphere instantly transforms in to a high energy musical performance.

Silent Disco on the Roof

Aortic Valve and the Silent Disco

When the silent disco headphones are on, the sound is crisp and clear anywhere in the venue – whether you are in front, in back or even in line for the restroom (just because you need to take a break, doesn’t mean the music has to. And since both, you and the performer(s) are wearing headphones, guests can hear the music exactly how it is intended to be heard in true stereo sound regardless of your position in the audience.

From an outsiders perspective, there will be a group of crazies flailing about in silence, but for those with headphone, it will be a whole different story!

Check out this video from a Silent Disco at the SF Zoo to get an idea of what it’s like.