July 19, 2017 · 7:30pm

7:30 pm
$5 cover

Now moving to our private room, An Sibin. Be sure to get a seat!

The Showcase w/ Stephen Patterson featuring Jean Synodinos with Reenie Hall

Tellus 360 and Music For Everyone are preparing to launch Showcase 2017, season five of the popular singer-songwriter series curated by local songwriter Stephen Patterson.

The 2016 season concluded in October with the sold-out Grand Finale show in which 4 artists from the previous 9 shows each had 15 minutes to convince the audience to give them their vote for Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

On January 18th we will present the first of 9 new headliners who will compete for a spot in the Grand Finale on October 18th. Shows are in The An Sibin at 7:30 PM, 3rd Wednesday of each month.”

Our January featured artist is Jean Synodinos with opener Reenie Hall

 Jean Synodinos

This month’s featured performer is Lancaster native Jean Synodinos, who has made a name for herself from the heart of Austin, TX. She returns home, bringing her grit, grace, and acoustic soul with a voice that’s been hailed by critics as “big league” and “show-stopping.” Her award-winning writing digs deep, moving from big affirmations to little ironies at the turn of a phrase.  Deftly skating between genres, Jean easily slips from folk to pop to jazz to blues and more to create dynamic live performances and recordings that make audiences ask for more.


Reenie Hall

Reenie Hall is making her songwriting debut. As a middle school band director, she looks to humor to survive the daily challenges of teaching. Her light-hearted approach to life is reflected in her songs, which are often inspired by comments made by friends and acquaintances or things seen in her daily travels. She believes even the most mundane life events can be used as song material.

She can be seen busking on the street corners of Lancaster with her accordion or jamming on the ukulele as part of Lancaster’s Ukulele Uprising. All of her songs are written with and approved by her pet cockatiel, who she affectionately calls “Squeaky Beaky.”