May 17, 2017 · 7:30pm

7:30 pm
$5 cover

Now moving to our private room, An Sibin. Be sure to get a seat!

The Showcase w/ Stephen Patterson featuring Bernard Sarkissian with Apes Of The State

Tellus 360 and Music For Everyone are preparing to launch Showcase 2017, season five of the popular singer-songwriter series curated by local songwriter Stephen Patterson.

The 2016 season concluded in October with the sold-out Grand Finale show in which 4 artists from the previous 9 shows each had 15 minutes to convince the audience to give them their vote for Singer-Songwriter of the Year.

On January 18th we will present the first of 9 new headliners who will compete for a spot in the Grand Finale on October 18th. Shows are in The An Sibin at 7:30 PM, 3rd Wednesday of each month.”

Our May featured artist is Bernard Sarkissian with opener Apes Of The State.


Bernard Sarkissian

Bernard Sarkissian is a folk musician who grew up in the hills outside of Downingtown, Pa. B, as friends and family have called him throughout his life, began playing music with his family back in the 1960’s. He cut his teeth learning the likes of Donovan, The Beatles, Jackson Browne, Simon and Garfunkel and Steve Goodman. Bernard is both a storyteller and songwriter with the bulk of his songs being about family, life’s struggles, triumphs and loss.

His songs can be quite personal:.

“My sister and I, we sang the old Beatles songs like Love Me Do, and Eight Days a Week.. the years have passed and now my sister’s gone.. Lord, I miss her now there’s a hole in my heart in the shape of a sister.. my father and I, we came to see eye to eye in my sober years.. and that’s all that matters.. I tried to help him out as his time ticked down, his pain grew stronger, his thoughts were scattered.. he said, “now boy, don’t you fuss about me..” I said “Dad, it ain’t no bother.. for love is all that ever mattered, you taught..” now there’s a hole in my heart in the shape of a father..”

“My original songs, in large degree, are a journal of how my life has evolved through the pain of life’s lessons, the catharsis of true growth found in losing family that have passed on and arriving at the beginning of true awakening in my new life.”

He also writes for friends in the recovering community who have become a part of his life over the years. They are my heroes and I love them all without exception..” Bernard underwent a lifesaving liver transplant in 2012.

He has recorded two cd’s to date and is going into the studio in the Spring of 2017 to start on a third album. He is a music therapist at the Retreat in Ephrata, Pa. working with the addicted population. He currently resides in Lititz, Pa.


Apes Of The State

Apes of the State is an independent folk-pop-punk band from Lancaster, PA.

Born from a singer/songwriter project “Apes” by frontperson April Hartman, they played their first show together as a band in November 2015 and have since recorded one full length album, This City Isn’t Big Enough, and completed two national tours, playing 56 shows across 48 cities in the spring and summer of 2016.

Their sound is under constant evolution but is deeply rooted in punk rock, folk, and bluegrass. It uniquely stands out among all of these genres, often relying on catchy lyrical hooks reminiscent of 90’s pop punk–but speaking a new message to a new generation of millennials.