February 9, 2017 · 8:00pm

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Sego is rhythm distilled and pure. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-Provo duo of Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll churn out percolating and pummeling beats that coalesce into persistent, spastic grooves that are just as jittery as they are danceable. Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around, their debut album (out March 4, 2015 in North America and May 6 in UK/Europe), introduces them as a band turned inside out, the rhythm section taking lead while the guitars and keyboards add jaded, jagged texture. It’s the sound of postmillennial city life chronicled by two millennials from rural Utah: ’80s kids updating those sounds to the ’10s and in the process rendering the familiar fresh and unfamiliar.


Spencer and Tom operate out of what they call the Cube, a warehouse in downtown L.A. that’s part industrial-park facility, part urban hippie commune. “It’s in this weird industrial wasteland downtown,” says Spencer. “We share a perimeter with the UPS trucking yard and a cement factory.” They are upstairs in the loft with a few other bands as roommates; downstairs is for storing gear, rehearsing, recording, and hosting the occasional concert or party.

The rhythms that propel these songs are more than just dance tracks, but something closer to musical manifestations of Spencer’s own skewed sense of alienation and skewed sense of self.

“I started writing songs with the intent of having someone else sing them, mostly just snippets in a notebook,” says Spencer, who has always played a sideman role in previous projects. “But other singers weren’t panning out, so I guess it was up to me. This is my first attempt as a singer, which is a whole different scene. I was surprised by how personal it is in both the writing and the performing. I’m not Springsteening it and writing about these characters. It’s my life.”

 Sego’s debut album out now:

Apple: http://geni.us/3GBa
Spotify – http://geni.us/3JIm
CD+LP – US: sego.bandcamp.com
CD+LP – Europe: http://geni.us/4Mt


 Blue Sky Falls

Blue Sky Falls first came together because of a drummer that jumped up on stage on an impulse. A few seconds before singer and guitarist Brad Rhine was set to play some of his original music at an open mic with his wife Jen on bass, their friend offered to accompany them on drums. Despite never having played together before, they all clicked and started making music as a three piece band.

To fill out their sound, they eventually recruited Rob Dunham, an old friend of Brad’s, to play keyboard and sing. Shortly after that, they invited their friend Nate Miller to play acoustic guitar as well as add some more vocals.

With the lineup complete, Blue Sky Falls offers listeners soaring three part harmonies, intricate interplay between instruments, and an evident love for making and sharing their music. Adding to Brad’s initial catalog of songs, Brad, Rob, and Nate now cowrite and collaborate on new music, building a stable of modern indie pop songs with a spiritual edge.

Blue Sky Falls released their self-titled first EP in the summer of 2016.

  • Rob Dunham – Keys & Vocals
  • Jen Rhine – Bass
  • Nate Miller – Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
  • Brad Rhine – Electric Guitars & Vocals