July 16, 2016 · 8:00pm



 Second Sky


photo credit: Jack Myers Photography

Second Sky is the trio of Billy Medina, Wes DiIorio and Bill Speakman. The sound they create blends past with future, and organic with electronic.

Based in Dub and Trip-Hop, Second Sky mixes elements of Soul, Pop, Middle-Eastern, Afrobeat, and Indian music styles (among others) into something that always manages to come out sounding distinctly Second Sky.

Though only three members comprise the core of the group, Second Sky regularly employs the talents of friends from home and abroad to contribute to both their studio productions and live performances, including sitarist Harry Payuta and Second Sky’s regular horn section of Todd Fulginiti, Darnell Scott and Alex Banias.

Second Sky is known for their attention to both quality songwriting, as well as creating lush, psychedelic soundscapes. Regular collaborations with a variety of artists including label-mates Thomas Blondet and Farid, continually broaden their ever evolving sound. The band has also remixed work by artists including Thievery Corporation, Cornershop, and Balkan Beat Box, producing dynamic recreations for the dancefloor, the lounge and the living room alike.

The band’s drummer/producer Bill Speakman explains; “Remixing gives us a chance to more fully explore some of our favorite genres like Bhangra, Samba, or Soundtrack Music to name a few, while working with some of our favorite artists”.

This fusion comes naturally to Billy, Wes, and Bill, who revel in the sounds of classic Bollywood soundtracks and early electronic music. The subsequent effect is a sonic world of sultry beaches, thrilling car chases, exotic scenery, and lost scenes from imaginary films.

Ultimately, the band looks to share it’s love of all forms of music with their friends and audiences worldwide; creating more than a sound, but a complete experience through rhythm and culture.





The Empresarios sound is best described as “Tropicaliente”, and that is the vibe that the band brings to the stage as well. Mixing together the warm sounds of the Caribbean comes with ease for this group of talented musicians. Band leader Javier Miranda and lead singers Frankie Rosado and Felix Perez all hail from Puerto Rico, which comes through in the band’s unique blend of salsa, reggae, cumbia, dub and house. The Empresarios’ debut album title track “Sabor Tropical” was placed prominently on EA Sports’ FIFA 2012 video game. The Empresarios aim to have fun and bring a good vibe, so grab a mojito, hit the dance floor and let their sun drenched sounds warm up your body and soul.