September 23, 2017 · 8:30pm

Tamara Hansson – Pop, folk, acoustic
Sam Pace – Rock n’ Roll, smooth and dirty

Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit

“Beware of what you hear- when I punch you in the ear”- Sam Pace

For six years Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit have been making a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned with. As regulars in the Austin music scene and road dogs famous for their relentless 50-city U.S. Tours- the band has an old school work ethic with the chops to match.

“As far as high energy shows are concerned, Austin music fans could not do much better that Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit” – Greg Ackerman, Examiner

Over the past three years Sam has been peppered throughout the Austin Music Awards annual Top-10 lists. He has placed Top-10 for Musician of the Year, Best Song, Best Album, Best Album Art, Best Rock Band, Best Blues/Soul/Funk Band and two years in a row for Best Guitar Player and Best Male Vocals.

“Down and dirty rock n’ roll is hard to come by these days, even more difficult for it to achieve the level of success Pace has…” – Overload Austin

Sam’s voice and guitar playing are the signatures of the sound. His booming baritone and soulful growl give the music a powerful edge; while his heavy, swinging guitar and thick, luscious tone has been described as “a marriage between Peter Green, early Clapton, and early Hendrix.”

“Sam Pace and the Gilded Grit’s album Rapture is full of raw power. The overall sound ranges from blues to monster rock to moments of deep tenderness.” – Barbara Jo (Famous Austin DJ and Music Hostess)

The songwriting and originality of sound is of paramount importance to the band. Their rock n’ roll roots and bluesy, soulful influences are always present- but their variations of theme, groove and emotion encapsulate an entire world of sonic pleasure. Their first two albums – The Feelin’ (2012) and Rapture (2014) display the dexterity and growth of the band in full force.

The band’s newest album- Judgment Eve- is being broken up into two releases. Produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith, the complete album will be released in Spring of 2018 while Judgment Eve: Part 1 is being released in EP form September 1st, 2017. The band will be embarking on another coast-to-coast U.S. Tour September-November to promote the EP.

“Raise your glass with a soundtrack of swampy-as-hell, devil’s got your soul music!”- Seven Days (Vermont)

Tamara Hansson

Sydney-born singer/songwriter Tamara Hansson had humble beginnings in her native Australia with a diverse range of music influences. She was inspired by and fascinated by her parent’s record collection; From her mum’s Michael Jackson records as well as her Dad’s sex pistols and Johnny Cash LPs. Reveling in melodies from the era of yesteryear was this child-introvert’s bag.

This initial affair with music and lyricism paved the way for Tamara’s musical pilgrimage to the east coast music scene in Australia, seeing her support the likes of Abbe May and Diana Anaid with her songs of love, heartbreak and the human condition.

…You’d share your bed
And I’d find space in the sheets
And I’d hide in your arms and hear your heart beat da-dum da-dum da-dum…

Adventure and a hunger to expand her horizons kept calling, seeing Tamara pack a suitcase and embark on an international adventure to London. It was here that she lived, drinking copious amounts of black coffee, finding a new guitar, and playing in various low key shows with jazz musicians and songwriters alike before continuing on to New York. During these nomadic times, Tamara penned lyrics around missing family and friends, identity, being away from home and travel…

…My last week in Hampstead, we went down to the park
and played in all the red leaves, and walked home in the dark
while we planned our lives together, though we knew this was the end,
oh I won’t forget you Hampstead, or you, my darling friend…

Now, living and writing songs from her apartment in New York, Tamara is working on a follow up from the release of her debut, The Apartment Sessions. This project started as an idea for touring, playing small intimate shows in people’s apartments (New York/Brooklyn/Philadelphia/Toronto) rather than busy crowded bars and soon evolved into a process of crafting and recording songs for her first EP in the space of her humble shoebox apartment. After evolving her process and knack for producing, she is in the works of piecing together her first full production EP at 6611 Studios in Brooklyn.