December 19, 2015 · 8:00pm

$5 cover

Rooster Stone

rooster stone


Rooster Stone has a signature sound that keeps up a high-level of energy, while maintaining a surprising amount of warmth. With their crisp harmonies and killer licks, Rooster Stone knows how to turn you up and get you moving. Their original music feels nostalgic as if you’ve heard it before, and their b-side cover choices will have you singing along.”
Rooster Stone started out as a recording project–a vehicle for well over a hundred songs written by different members of the group. Each of us were in different live bands, but we wanted more creativity through songwriting, recording, and production. So, we laid down some songs, then a couple more, and soon we had a few albums worth of music. It felt so good that we just kept doing it. Then guys just started showing up to gigs and sitting in. It was like something we always wanted, but could never quite find–a band that listened to each other, a band that trusted each other to play their role, a band with no egos. Anyone who has done this as long as we have knows that is a rare and precious thing. So we give you Rooster Stone–the band we always wanted. We sincerely hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it.

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They Were Only Satellites


Pushing the throttle open further, you burn across the California desert to make it back to Dryden before sunrise. The taste of her lipstick is still on your tongue, mixing with the bourbon and cigarettes. Saying goodbye to her was a blur, your thoughts already on your test flight in a few short hours. The grinding of your tires on the asphalt, the pounding in your head and the wind rushing past your open window mix together into a sound… The churning of bass and the wail of a guitar that comes down like a far-off train, chugging and whistling it’s way over the distant mountains. And now the drums hit harder…harder…this is the sound of you wishing you could forget her, wishing you could put her angel face behind you…this is the sound of They Were Only Satellites.
From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, They Were Only Satellites plays roots rock with influences of Elvis Costello, Wilco, Joe Jackson and ‘60s garage bands. Often compared to Exile-era Stones, there is a definite punch-drunk swagger to their music that summons up blues, country and soul. While one moment is like a lonesome cry, the next can be a murderous howl of guitars. Formed in 2008, They Were Only Satellites has been orbiting over the Mid-Atlantic region, waiting for the signal from Ground Control to launch itself into a trajectory that covers the entire planet.

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Colebrook Road



Drive through central Pennsylvania’s countryside and you’re bound to end up crossing one of the many thoroughfares called Colebrook Road. Take a listen to the sound of hard-driving original bluegrass and you’ll find a band that shares the same name comprised of members from vast musical backgrounds. The band started as a bunch of guys living in the Harrisburg, PA area connected by a love of acoustic music. Since then, the group has changed and expanded through many shows across the mid-atlantic region and the release of its first full length studio album featuring 10 original songs. With a sound that combines traditional straight-drive bluegrass with modern tonalities, technical playing, tight vocal harmonies, and a unique voice based on large amounts of original composition, Colebrook Road brings interest and excitement to their music and their audience.

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