February 19, 2017 · 4:00pm

4 pm
All Ages

Rock Bands of MU Music


The Department of Music at Millersville offers opportunities to work with professionals in the field, utilize state-of-the-art facilities and resources, and obtain personalized instruction. Learn more.Click for more information

Music for Everyone

in partnership with Millersville University Department of Music.

  • Music for Everyone (MFE) has partnered with the Department of Music to present a concert series within the School District of Lancaster (SDoL).  Our small groups and ensembles have entered the halls of the schools to bring quality music programs inspiring young students to begin studying an instrument.
  • MFE funds the “MFE Scholars” program.  Each year three MU Music Ed majors are equipped with a $2,500 scholarship and in exchange are paired with a music teacher in the SDoL and follow their direction and provide mentorship to young students while they receive mentorship and resources from the SDoL teacher.