January 27, 2018 · 6:00pm

This is the one event that Lancaster has been missing; a traditional Scottish celebration of the birthday of Robert Burns, the celebrated Bard Of Scotland. There will be toasts and speeches and songs and poems and KILTS the likes of which have never been seen in Lancaster! Enjoy a traditional Scottish fare of cock-a-leekie soup, haggis (a sausage-like concoction made of delicious sheep parts that looks like a round sausage tied at both ends), neeps (mashed rutabaga) and champed tatties (pronounced champ-ed, and really just mashed potatoes), helped down with a dram of whisky.
Among his better known poems are Auld Lang Syne and My Love is Like a Red Red Rose; we should be able to give you a rendition of both of these well-loved songs on Jan. 27!

Traditional Scottish dress is recommended/desired (if possible). Iron yer kilt and polish yer sporran and get yer sel doon to Tellus 360 on Jan. 27.

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