February 9, 2018 · 8:00pm

Suburban Sensi – Psychedelic/Reggae/Dub/Jam/Rock
New Direction Band – Reggae

New Direction Band

Everton Samuel and New Direction is at it again. Performing live: Roots Reggae,  Dancehall, modern crossovereign fusions and of course, originals. While paying homage to the greats like Bob Marley, we come in strong with hot sessions of soca and calypso designed to make you dance, feel good and enjoy your musical journey to Caribbean. Yes, life is good.

Suburban Sensi

‘When it comes to Groovalicious, Funktastic, Good-Time Vibes, there’s nothing like a little Sensi. The freshest rhymes, licks and beats to come out of Jersey since George Clinton left Plainfield, Suburban Sensi is here to move not just your body, but your Soul. What was once just a group of young Dudes hanging around and jamming in a basement (The Legendary Blazement) has evolved into a musical mission; A desire to spread good vibes and good tunes throughout, to all those Tuned In, Connected, Vibe-Friendly people around the World. Blowing minds with a one of a kind live show that captures the crowd and gets everyone sharing in the unifying power of music.

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