October 24, 2015 · 7:00pm

$5 Cover

Quiet Hollers

quiet hollers


Quiet Hollers are a cult/gang/band from Louisville, Kentucky. Formed semi-accidentally for the sole purpose of backing up singer/songwriter Shadwick Wilde for one show — the release party for his 2010 solo effort, Unforgivable Things (S/R.) May 2013 saw the release of their first collaborative effort — I Am the Morning — a reverb-soaked dive into the “stream-of-consciousness moments and seasoned observations of a sleep-deprived road warrior” (NoDepression) earning the Hollers a nomination at the inaugural Louisville Music Awards, and spots on five “Best of 2013” lists, including AltCountry.nl and WB Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show. The album (recorded upstairs from a working funeral home and by a drummer whose neck was literally broken at the time) showcases the band’s raw energy and attention to lyrical detail, as well as their diverse influences which range from Americana and alt. country, to post-punk and indie rock. Touring through most of 2014, Quiet Hollers are now in production on the first of two “twin” EPs – from which the first single and music video, “Liar Song” has been released as of January 2015.

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