June 25, 2017 · 8:00pm

Tickets: $10


There are very few rock and roll bands whose impact was so great, whose music was so timeless that they are considered icons. Chief among them is Led Zeppelin, mixing elements of blues, out and out rock and roll, folk and country with a raw power, sensuality and a level of creativity that is practically unmatched. The idea of any group of musicians doing a tribute to Zeppelin is courageous, to say the least.

Lancaster, PA musicians Albie von Schaaf (guitar), Mike Bitts (bass), Loretta E. Bilieux (vocals) Steve Sauer (keyboards) and Oz Christ (drums) have decided to accept that challenge, come together and celebrate the music of their heroes. PRESENCE was formed in mid-2016.

These guys and gal are some of the Lancaster area’s best known and most accomplished musicians, boasting resumes that include local/regional institutions the Innocence Mission, Killin’ the Blues, Shrimp Boat, Burning Bus, Squash, The Demon Rum, the Flamin’ Caucasians and more. They can all be seen performing frequently in multiple capacities, all over the 717.

PRESENCE offers up a thrilling, nostalgic show featuring a wide variety of Zep’s classic radio hits and deep cuts, acoustic and electric alike, played with death-defying precision and fierce passion, with all of the group’s albums represented liberally. Add to this a generous helping of highly interactive stage presence (pun intended), and you have an excellent night of high quality entertainment.

This is a show for musicians and music fans alike- killer music performed by killer players that will leave you stunned, and wanting much, much more. The band recently made its debut to a near-capacity crowd at one of Lancaster’s premier venues, Tellus 360.

Lords and Ladies of Valhalla, get ready for it, cause it’s coming. Presence will hold No Quarter!