August 28, 2013 · 7:00pm

Did Santa bring you a shiny new camera that you’re itchin’ to get better use out of? Have you used it at all? Is it still in the box?!?!

We’ve got you covered.

Lancaster’s own Perfect Image Camera offers its “Introduction to DSLR Photography” classes here at Tellus360!
Topics covered include:

  • When to use different Scene Modes
  • Functions of ISO & White Balance
  • Understand Aperture, Depth of Field, & Aperture Priority (Av) Mode
  • Understand Shutter Speed, Freezing/Blurring Action & Shutter Speed Priority (Tv) Mode
  • Exposure Compensation (Lighter/Darker)
  • Flash Basics
  • Basics of Composition

Click here to register on the Perfect Image website now!