December 7, 2017 · 8:00pm




When every mainstream band you hear sounds identical, the production of their newest release, Deep | Alive, resurrects the true meaning of the alternative genre. With a strong focus on heavy grooves and complex dynamics, Paradrei reflects the upfront anger stated clearly by 90’s grunge bands, in a modern way. The struggle to express loss, love, and surrounding anxiety through music in an honest and painful way has been a primary focus of the band since 2011 when Nicholas Cove and Jamey McElroy met in a small coffee shop during an Open Mic Night. They teamed up with Trevor Kiscadden months later and formed Paradrei in a small recording studio. ‘Deep | Alive’ is a direct representation of Paradrei’s raw energy that has brought a new life to live performance in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Their songs reveal a hidden desire to cope and heal mental illness while allowing each other to release anger, sadness and other emotions stemming from anxiety and depression.

‘Deep | Alive’, Paradrei’s first full length album, was released on April 29th accompanied by a sold out show at Metro Gallery in Baltimore. Since 2011, they have also released two other E.P.s, ‘The Black the Sun E.P.’ and ‘In Threes’ which was a five track acoustic E.P.

Listen to ‘Deep | Alive’ today on all major music distributors including Spotify and Apple Music.