March 15, 2012 · 6:00pm


6.00pm – Arrive for reception drinks
6.30pm/6.45pm – “Ghosts Of Duffys Cut” begins on large screen in third room
7.30pm/7.45pm – Q&A Session with Dr. William Watson, Professor of History at Immaculata University and author of “Ghost of Duffy’s Cut)
After Q&A – Live and Silent Auctions
9.00pm(-ish) – Live Music with Mickey Coleman in front room

This night is going to be something else! As much as we love each and every event we do in the store, we believe that this one is closest to our hearts.

Come in and learn about the 47 Irish men and women who sailed to America in 1832 searching for a better way of life, joined 10 more Irishmen here, and how they ALL ended up dead no more than 6 weeks after their arrival. Learn about how 7 of these bodies have been found so far and how each and everyone of them was murdered, hands tied behind their backs as they were executed. Find out why there were over a hundred nails put in their coffins. Hear how we know where the other 50 are buried but we still can’t recover their bodies. Learn why you have probably never heard of this although this all happened less than an hour away from Lancaster. Listen to the Bill Watson tell you a blow by blow account of how he and a group of his associates and students refused to let the story die, how they have fought and continue to fight for these men.

AND Learn how we’re making 57 beautiful musical instruments as a tribute to our 57 who were lost. These instruments will be made from a 150 year old popolar tree that grew on top of four of these mens graves.

Quick basics for the night include:

  • Screening of “The Ghosts of Duffy’s Cut” Documentary on large cinema screen
  • Dr. William Watson will be interviewed on the history of the 57 from Duffy’s Cut.
  • Live Music with Micky Coleman, a fantastic Irish ballad singer from County Tyrone. Tyrone was home to 14 of the 57 prior to leaving for America. Check out his link.

Documentary Trailer: