May 1, 2017

Open for the Stray Birds Concert ONLY! “Lancaster Rise Up”

Our kitchen will be closed all day!


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#RiseUp May 1, 2017

Join us in Standing with our Immigrant and Refugee Brothers and Sisters


Background: May 1st is International Worker’s Day: a historic day to respect the contributions of workers, organize in support of workers’ rights, and demonstrate solidarity with immigrants. This May 1st, immigrant leaders and communities across the country will #RiseUp to demonstrate the power, resilience and strength of immigrants in America. Many groups are organizing local events to lift up the contributions of immigrants in their community.  Learn more at


Here are three ways that our community can take part in May 1st actions:


  1. Be a “Torch Bearer” and show up to May 1st actions and rallies!
  • Join us from 6:30 – 8PM at Penn Square for Lancaster Welcomes: A Celebration of Immigrants and Refugees. Sponsored by many community organizations.
  • You can mobilize people to show up to rallies and events across the country.
  • Bring many members from your community out to the event on May 1st. Provide transportation and encourage carpooling for those who need it in order to be there.
  • Make signs and wear cultural attire as appropriate.


  1. Call for Economic Justice through strike solidarity and support!
  • In standing in solidarity with immigrant communities, we encourage you to take the day off and not buy anything or send children to school. We encourage all of the community to do the same.
  • We are asking business owners to shut down for a day and give their employees the day off to participate in events that are happening in the community. This will help demonstrate the economic power of the immigrants’ rights movement. Businesses nationwide will be shutting down to participate in a Day Without Immigrants. If you do this, make sure to post a sign and on social media.



  1. Let your voice be heard!
  • Share why you are standing in solidarity with immigrant and refugees on May 1st with a value-rooted message during an event, press release, or an opinion editorial or with a sign on your door or through social media!
  • Promote the May 1st actions through social media and share photos, videos during and after the event with hashtags. #RiseUP #LancasterWelcomes
  • Post a sign at your business in support of the movement.
  • Encourage faith leaders from your faith to participate.


Sample Facebook Posts


On May 1st, immigrants and allies all over the country will rise up in resistance to demonstrate the power, resilience and strength of immigrants in America. The #RiseUP movement is growing by the hour, 42 organizations with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) will be leading in cities with marches, rallies, and community events to shut down the hate in our communities!


Will you #RiseUP on May 1st? Find an event near you or register your event at!  


Promotional Facebook Videos


Rep. Keith Ellison Rise Up Video:


Rep. Luis Gutierrez Rise Up Video:




Sample Tweets


         Join us May 1st as immigrants & allies #RiseUP to show the power and resilience of immigrants in America:

         On May 1st we #RiseUP to show Trump and his administration that we are #heretostay! Join us:

         May 1st we #RiseUP for our community! Workers, Muslims, LGBTQ, undocumented, DACAmented & more that make us great.

         America works best when we work together & we will reject any policy that attempts to divide us! #RiseUP on May1st:

         For many May 1st will be a day of no work, no school day of protest. Find out ways you can #RiseUP with us May 1st:


Promotional Twitter Videos:


Rep. Keith Ellison Rise Up Video:


Rep. Luis Gutierrez Rise Up Video: