October 13, 2014 · 8:00pm

$25 (cost includes a live digital concert recording delivered via email)


Old Wood New Sounds is a concert series that will always introduce you to something new and interesting. You will hear world-class classical musicians performing new music by living composers and classical music that is outside the typical “Classical Canon” in a casual, non-pretentious listening atmosphere. Too often new music and classical musicians are relegated to the sterile chamber of academia. Come out and hear these musicians perform thrilling music with real passion and heart. You will support an art form that is often overlooked by main-stream music lovers – simply because they don’t know about it!

For this installment of the OWNS series, we have the jazz guitar duo of Jay Umble and Bill Druck.


Jay Umble and Bill Druck

umble druck

Jay and Bill have been working together for the past ten years. Over this time they have developed a highly unique approach to their repertoire of jazz standards. Their concept is both traditional and modern with an emphasis on harmonic textures and linear exploration.

Jay offers traditional harmonic textures and at other times, delves into ultra-modern voicing reminiscent of Allan Holdsworth. Bill will come at you with a solid traditional slant reminiscent of Bucky Pizzarelli and at other times present a total modern point of view reminiscent of Pat Metheny or Bill Frisell.

Together, Jay and Bill present a wonderful blend of styles, offering one of the most original jazz guitar duos on the scene today.