May 20, 2017 · 8:00pm

8 pm
$5 Cover

Ursula Ricks

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Ursula Ricks is the real deal………her music, voice, and message transcends Color and Creed.


 Nick Andrew Staver Trio

Nick Andrew Staver is bringing a new voice to the blues. Assigned with the gritty personalities of a blue collar worker to the seducing baritone of a lovers quarrel and reconciliation, each song defines its own character inside the autobiographical music. Add in sharp improv skills and award winning songwriting his music lays the blues on the line and never hesitates to go beyond its borders.

Based in south central Pennsylvania, the surrounding hills and the roads that lead out of town have become a second home. Comfortably found in the local venues or hundreds of miles away, Nick uses each experience to add to his budding musical knowledge, experience and maturity.

Gathering a respect to the music that has come before him, Nick has spent most of his musical career performing and learning on the fly. From small corner bars to large auditoriums, he has gained the experience and knowledge of a professional musician while maintaining the mindset to never get ahead of himself.

“The musical journey is important to me and making sure I pour myself truthfully and humbly into my music is as well, but it’s also important not to forget to enjoy the moment and have fun with all that I do. I get to play music everyday for all sorts of listeners… thats the best part of this gig.” – NAS

Nick Andrew Staver invites you listen to his perception of the blues and how deep the connection between life and music can go.
Always reflecting off his past and paying respects to his idols, both past and present, his music moves within him and resonates with his audiences. Each performance is an intimate opportunity to capture a desired dose of Rhythm & Blues mixed into modern songwriting storylines.