November 21, 2015 · 9:00pm

$5 cover
21 +

Morning Fatty


Morning Fatty was formed in 2004. What was originally a 12-piece ska band, evolved into a 4 piece funk, reggae, rock band with gnarly guitar solos. The band mixes ska chords with funk beats, slap bass and crazy solos. The syncopation and style developed within the music delivers a range of genres. Such style develops energy within the music that connects all emotion and allows people to unfold their thoughts and feelings. If you have hips that shake and a face that needs melting, Morning Fatty is right for you!

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Great Big House

great big house


Great Big House was started in late 2001/early 2002 by friends in and around the Music Department at Millersville University. Starting out playing places on campus, the band slowly gained a following playing jam and classic rock covers along with originals. Branching out from Lancaster, the band now plays regularly from Central PA east to Philadelphia and south into Maryland. While the line up has changed many times since the beginning, the band has always kept a reputation for packed audiences and fun performances.


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