8 pm
$5 cover

Hiding Scarlet


Hiding Scarlet is an indie rock fusion of genres and sound. In their music you will find violin fused with dynamically tasteful beats, fever inducing guitar solos, thoughtful lyrics, and an overall cohesive sound that will leave you wanting more.

This five piece band from Lancaster, PA has been creating music and art, as well as touring the east coast for 3 years, and is gearing up to release a new album in the Fall of 2015.

Hiding Scarlet has honed their sound and skills for some time now, recently finding their full stride and true sound. with an eclectic background this five piece delivers an auditory packed punch of ear worthy grooves, tasty guitar licks, and a melodic contour completely unique to the band.

Currently the band is writing new material for an upcoming release, titled “Cityscapes”.

Hunter Kurtz

Dead Sketties

Born in a Lancaster County barn, this interdimensional, time-traveling, shape-shifting, genre-bending musical trio(?) have been impacting the melodic landscape of the east coast since 2007. The music of The Sketties is not entirely unlike a hair dryer whispering sweet and gentle melodies in your ear, lulling you into a dream-like state, before dropping into the tub and electrocuting your soul. Thematically running the gamut of human emotionalism from one song to the next, the lyrical content is, at times, sardonic, aggressive, and paranoid, while at other times uplifting, optimistic and hopeful. The Sketties will sweep you off your feet and absentmindedly drop you back into reality.